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Family Room


The only room style of its kind in the hotel, the Clara Bow (#10) is an elegant, affordable and spacious accommodation suitable for families with two or three children or a couple of friends. Almost double the size of our other rooms, it remains spacious even with a king bed and two single beds. Also comes with all of the amenities listed below. 

External Bathrooms: The hotel has four wings. Each wing has 4-6 rooms and 2-3 bathrooms. Guests have key-and-lock access to two or three spacious, clean bathrooms just a few steps from each room. These bathrooms are kept in pristine condition, and often times are only occupied by one guest due to the near even ratio of bathrooms to bedrooms.

Dining & Lounge Area, Fridge, Microwave Access: In the early 1900’s, hotel guests would gather for the evening in a common room just down the hall from their bedroom. To continue the tradition of community, we chose to keep these gathering spaces during the restoration process. Hotel guests have access to the large gathering space directly down the hall from their room, complete with multiple lounge and dining areas. Find a cozy, private nook to read & relax from the day, heat or store food and drinks in a microwave and mini-fridge, or converse with others enjoying their stay at the hotel.

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  • #10 Clara Bow | The Hollywood Block | 2nd Floor


Air conditioned
Free WiFi
Hair Dryer
King / 2 single beds
Large Gathering/Reading Room Access
Linen and Towels Provided
Microwave (in Large Gathering Room)
Mini fridge (in Large Gathering Room)
Staircase Accessible only - No Elevator
Self-Serve Light Breakfast
External Bathroom: Key-Access Only