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Queen Rooms

Our Queen Rooms are each unique, maintaining the charming features of our historic hotel with a touch of modern flair. These rooms will make you feel at home, but the charming views of surrounding Downtown Hartington will remind you of the delightful Nebraska town you’re visiting. 

Every room in the hotel is part of a wing or block of 5-6 rooms. Guests have access to the wing's large gathering spaces which have various lounge and dining areas. Read & relax from the day, heat or store food and drinks in a microwave and mini-fridge, or converse with others enjoying their stay at the hotel.

Guests have lock access to multiple spacious shared bathrooms found in each wing (2-3 bathrooms per block/wing). 

Want to reserve a block or floor of rooms, or the entire hotel for your party or event? View our floor maps to find rooms by block, then book each of those rooms here.

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Queen Room names, blocks, and floor locations:

  • #2 The Guest Room | Wedding Wing | 2nd Floor
  • #3 Al Capone | The Outlaw Block | 2nd Floor
  • #4 Two Gun Heart | The Outlaw Block | 2nd Floor
  • #6 Jesse James | The Outlaw Block | 2nd Floor
  • #7 Anna Mae Pilkins | The Outlaw Block | 2nd Floor
  • #8 Bebe Daniels | The Hollywood Block | 3rd Floor
  • #9 Greta Garbo | The Hollywood Block | 3rd Floor
  • #11 Bette Davis | The Hollywood Block | 3rd Floor
  • #12 Rudolph Valentino | The Gatsby Flat | 3rd Floor
  • #14 Clark Gable | The Gatsby Flat | 3rd Floor
  • #15 Montgomery Clift | The Gatsby Flat | 3rd Floor
  • #17 John Wayne | The Gatsby Flat | 3rd Floor


Air conditioned
Free WiFi
Hair Dryer
Large Gathering/Reading Room Access
Linen and Towels Provided
Microwave (in Large Gathering Room)
Mini fridge (in Large Gathering Room)
Queen Bed
Shared Bathroom
Staircase Accessible only - No Elevator
Self-Serve Light Breakfast